Men’s, Women’s & Child/Teen Health

Children's Health

We understand that children’s health is of paramount importance to every parent. Our dedicated team of experienced doctors is committed to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of your little ones. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to expert guidance on nutrition and developmental milestones, we provide comprehensive care tailored to your child’s unique needs. We understand the importance of a welcoming and child-friendly environment to make every visit a positive experience. Entrust your child’s health to us, and together, we’ll nurture a future filled with vitality and happiness.

Scheduling your child’s vaccinations at the appropriate times is crucial to protect them from potentially serious or life-threatening infections. At Oxford Village Medical Centre, we offer all recommended childhood vaccinations.

Women's Health

The doctors of OVMC are experienced in all areas of women’s health and are committed to providing a high-quality level of care to women of all ages. All consultations are provided with the utmost focus on patient care, comfort and sensitivity in mind. Rest assured, we have a female doctor available to cater to your specific needs.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Cervical Cancer Screening (CST), formerly known as Pap Smear
  • Breast Checks
  • Contraception
  • Implanon Insertion & Removal
  • IUD Removal
  • Family Planning & Fertility
  • Menopause

Men's Health

Men often prioritise their work commitments at the expense of their health. We understand this, and we strongly advise men to schedule routine health check-ups. Our experienced doctors specialise in men’s health and are available to address both general health issues and specific concerns related to prostate and sexual health. Your health is important, and we’re here to help.


2024 Flu vaccines are now available!

Free flu vaccines are available for:

  • First Nations people
  • Children less than 5 years old
  • Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
  • People aged 65 years and over
  • People with certain medical conditions that increase their risk.

For more information, please contact us.
All appointments will be bulk billed.
Private flu vaccines are priced at $25.